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CocoaVia Review - The Best Pure Cocoa Flavanol Extract?

CocoaVia Cocoa Flavanols Supplement Review – Does It Work?

CocoaVia Review

While chocolate may have a bad reputation in the health world, the truth is that there are actually some benefits to consuming chocolate. That is if it’s the right type of chocolate. That’s exactly what CocoaVia, a company that sells chocolate dietary supplements, claims about their products.

According to CocoaVia, the benefits of chocolate come from cocoa flavanols. CocoaVia claims to have a high concentration of these flavanols in their product, which have a variety of health benefits that you can feel within days.

What are Flavanols?

In order to understand flavanols, you need to understand flavonoids. Flavonoids are a very diverse class of natural occurring plant-based compounds found in vegetables. Flavanols are a specific type of compound within the flavonoid family, and the three most common are found in tea, red wine, and of course – cocoa.

Cocoa flavanols are unique in that they are only found in the cocoa bean. No other foot can match the unique blend of flavanols found in cocoa beans. According to some research, these flavanols have a unique set of benefits, particularly relating to the heart.

What Is CocoaVia?

CocoaVia is a brand of supplements that contain pure cocoa flavanols meant to support your overall wellness and health. Using modern manufacturing processes and advanced scientific methods, CocoaVia has managed to create a supplement that has the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols. This maximizes the potential benefits that CocoaVia products may have on your health.

CocoaVia comes in capsule or powder form, and you can choose which form you’d like based on your own personal tastes. If you choose the powder form, you have a few flavors to choose from, and from the customer reviews we’ve read, customers seem to love the taste.

Potential Benefits of CocoaVia

The true benefits of cocoa flavanols are only being discovered as we speak. The COSMOS study is the largest study to ever involve cocoa, and researchers are hopefully we can definitively determine the heart and cancer related benefits to CocoaVia.

CocoaVia really only makes one claim about their product, and that’s that it is scientifically proven to support healthy circulation, which supports cognitive, skin, cardiovascular, immune, and digestive health. In other words, cardiovascular health is the key to your overall health.

This is particularly true according to several studies, and your performance during exercise, as well as your skin, eye, and muscle health are influenced by your circulation. Essentially, having a healthy blood flow is the only way to truly have a healthy body.

In addition to cardiovascular health, there are some other potential benefits to taking cocoa flavanols. One study suggested that sex drive and performance could be influenced by taking cocoa flavanols because cocoa flavanols contain compounds that act as natural aphrodisiacs.

Another small study found that taking cocoa flavanols improved memory in older adults. In the study, adults who took cocoa flavanols performed better on memory tests than those who did not.

Most of the research involving cocoa flavanols is still preliminary or small in nature, but one thing is certain – they CAN support cardiovascular health and healthy blood flow.

Are There any Side Effects of CocoaVia?

Many people have expressed concerns over whether or not CocoaVia products are safe. However, we have found no mentions of any nasty side effects, or any problems in general.

As long as you are not allergic to cocoa, then you’ve got no problem taking CocoaVia. We quite literally could not find one report of any serious side effects, which further attests to how incredible cocoa flavanols really are.

Where to Buy CocoaVia Products?

CocoaVia sells their products directly on their website, as well as major online retailers like Amazon. Admittedly, CocoaVia supplements are among the most expensive cocoa flavanol products, but the quality is hands-down the best. You may be paying a premium, but you’re paying for quality, which in our minds is always worth it.

For your reference, a 30-day supply of CocoaVia capsules will run you about $35, and a 30-day supply of powder will cost slightly more around $45. If you set up auto-delivery, you can cut the cost about 15-20% as well, although this will cause you to receive monthly shipments.

Conclusion: Should You Buy CocoaVia Products?

The debate about cocoa flavanols may still go on, but one thing is certain – customers seem to love CocoaVia. The support and testimonials from customers has been overwhelming, and the number of people that have improved their health as a result of taking CocoaVia is astounding.

Because of that, we think CocoaVia products are definitely worth trying. CocoaVia offers a 60-day money back guarantee anyways, so you’ve got plenty of time to check their products out for yourself. However, as so many others have found, we think you’ll love CocoaVia products and all of the health benefits they can provide you.

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